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About Cezar’s Crew

About Cezar’s Crew

I am Cezar, The Travelling Cat

Born in Sweden on the 8th of Jan 2014 as an odd-eyed white Maine Coon. 100 cm from the top of my nose to the tip of my tail and around 7-8 kg. I travel around the world with my human slave ‘Catwoman’ (or what other people say ‘ The Crazy Cat Lady’) and together we are Cezar‘s Crew.

We started to inspire others that you CAN travel with your furry-four-legged loved ones!

Here you can follow how we soul search ourself throughout the world while we share our experience from the road.

Our long-term goal is to raise funds for animals charities and to fulfil a dream to volunteer with tigers, lions and other exotic cats.

Where it all began:

My human whom has been a globetrotter by heart since she was 19, decided to move back to Sweden to “settle down”. And after being brought up with cats around her, she was exited to finally get a cat (me) as an ‘adult’. Once I came to my new home with my own human slave, friends and family warned her that she will never be able to travel again while being responsible for a pet. So she does what she always does – “you say go right so she goes left”. A few months went by and her ‘travel bug’ started to itch. So she decided to bike from Sweden to Spain to escape the Scandinavian winter. Got the bike packed down a sleeping bag and me – and off we went.

(Btw, I got used to moving around since I was I kitten – she didn’t like the fact to have an indoor cat, so she packed me down in a backpack to go to her father’s place on the countryside where I could run around free)

Anyway, now my territory extends through 24 countries, all the way from Europe to North-/Central-/& South America

Cezar‘s Travel Resume


  • Bike toured Western Europe – Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain & Portugal
  • Volunteered on a tv production near Doñana National Park – Spain


  • Volunteered on a farm on Crete – Greece
  • Volunteered at a cat hotel near Ortez – France
  • Volunteered in a national park, Cabo de Gata – Spain
  • Road trip San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon – USA
  • Vacation (from travelling) in Cuba
  • Joined a Peace Tour in Bogotá – Colombia


  • Couchsurf San Salvador – El Salvador
  • Road trip Ataco, Juayúa, El Zonte, El Zunzal, El Tunco, Puerto de La Libertad, Suchitoto, Cinquera – El Salvador
  • Road-Trip Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI – Canada
  • Car-Camped central Europe – Denmark, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Lichtenstein & Switzerland


  • Vacation in Malta
  • Explored Spain
  • Bike-Pack Sweden & Norway

To be continued…